"Tell the net about your PET!"

what are three words to describe your pet and why... (if possible, tell a story :) )And, add pics :)

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Dog Number One, Domino:

1. Devoted - she would ALWAYS stay up with the member family who stayed up the lastest. She also played "hide and seek" with me... Yes, it IS possible - I threw her toy and when she ran to find it, I "hid." She would run back to where I threw it, drop the toy, and find me. Then, we would repeat it. Hence, hide and sneak.

2. Smart - after my father went to sleep when I was a kid, she would walk into my room to check on me... Also, she would always bark when she wanted to go out and when she wanted to eat. At one time, she had a toy who she "treated" like a person...

3. Strong Willed - if she was playing with a toy and I came close, she would growl at me. She was protective of her toy...

Dog number two - champion (who is on my profile):

1. Beautiful - when she was 13 and 14, people still thought she was a puppy.

2. Trust worthing - Throught her life, she only growled three times...

3. A big "chicken" - this is a REALLY funny characteristic of her. If she heard an animal barking, she would go out side and bark. If the animal barked or hissed back, she put her tail between her paws and run inside. REALLY funny...

Happy, energetic, distractible
**My Fatboy!!!

Loyal! He is my dude!! He would never leave my side - ever!

Intelligent! I know everybody thinks their dog is smart, just like their kids, but I swear my Fatboy understands everything I say! We are in sync and he totally gets me! He has never ever acted dumb - not even as a puppy.

Adorable!! He is so cute with his wrinkly ol' face!!

**My Ralphie!!

Adorable!! He's like a big ol'baby!

Goofy!! He's not the sharpest pencil in the box, but I love him anyway!

Macho! He is second in rank and he likes to show it to the lower two!

**My Houdini!!

Independent!! He loves attention, but is very independent and willing to go his own way.

Handsome!! He has such a handsome face!!

Strong!! He is the slimmest one, but he is very strong!! He pulled the lawnmower out of my hand and across the yard! (among other things)

**My Sammie!!

Sharp!! He is very attentive and intelligent. He pays attention and learns quickly!

Happy!! He is such a bouncy, happy fella!!

Cute!! He has such an adorable little old man face!!

Fernie ............

Faithfull. - He is devoted to me, a great friend and very astute at working out your moods. If you are feeling happy, his is willing to play the fool. If you are down or worried, he will come and sit by you, almost as if he is telling you, everything is ok, I am here.

Gentle. - He loves small dogs, puppies, small pets and is fantastic with small kids. It's so funny to watch him with puppies, he is like a great big hairy uncle to them.

Proud. - He knows the difference between his usual every day collar and lead and his show leads. He can be a great big hairy fun loving lump outside the show ring but put on his show lead and he transforms into this wonderfully proud sedate show dog.

Gair .......

Exuberant. - It's a polite way of saying he has no manners. LOL He has no conception of how big and heavy he is, he just hurls himself at people and tries to sit on their lap. A friend nick named him Asbo Joe. LOL

Happy-go-lucky. - Nothing ever bothers him. He is happy in his own little world and enjoys life to the full. If he is fed, watered, walked and has his bed, then the world is alright with him.

Cuddly. - He just loves to be cuddled and hugged. Every one thinks of him as a giant big teddy bear and you can actually see him smiling when people cuddle up to him. He just loves the simple things in life.
I have 4 fur babies, and I can discribe all of them by saying,
Loving, Friendly and Loyal..
Carmen in nj
Cain - Intelligent- Cain is an extremely fast learner and communicates very well with his eyes. If he wants something he will give me one bark to get my attention and then once I ask him what he wants he will look at it with his eyes very intensely and look back to me to make sure I see what he is looking at.
Mushy - Cain is very loving and loves to give kisses and be with us
Absolutely gorgeous - This is self explanatory afterall he is a husky and I have never seen a husky that wasn't absolutely gorgeous..

Frankie - Brat - Frankie knows how much he is loved so sometimes he is such a brat that it drives me crazy. We will tell him to do something and instead he will answer us back with the weirdest whine. (he will eventually do what we told him to but not before he answers us back)
Mushy - Frankie is also very loving and loves to cuddle with us and sleep right next to us and also loves giving kisses.
Intelligent - Frankie is also very smart and can basically do everything Cain can (ex.. high five, sit, down, leave it, be walked off leash, swim etc...)

We have definately lucked out when it comes to our 2 boys as they are the best huskys I have ever had the opportunity to meet (other people tell us this as well) and I am amazed everyday that they are actually a part of our family...

Mali: Stunning...Brilliant...Charismatic...

These are the three words I have picked for my girl Mali. I have lots of blogs about her and lots I have yet to type. She is a dog that is unforgettable once you meet her, with an outgoing personality, confident, and self-assured.

She passed her adult temperament test with a 100% at 10 months old, she passed advanced obedience at 7 months, she became a working service dog at a year old and a fully working girl at 18 months as mobility and medical alert.

Thinking on her own she caught and elderly lady who missed her step and was falling. Found a cyst in my friends breast when she was visiting, told me when my heart was enlarged and has since had to be taught the none of your business command so she will stop telling people when they are ill.

She figures out what I need before I have to teach it to her, which is not always a good thing. She loves to be in the show ring and will glide in a flying trot for my husband; but what makes her whine and wiggle with glee like a puppy is when I whisper in her ear, "Mali do you want to be a service dog today?"

Rani: Striking, Cuddly, Intelligent

I picked these 3 words to describe Rani they are no less as important than the words I picked for Mali. I had to put cuddly in there, as I truly believe Rani wanted to grow up to be a lap dog when she was little and at times still dreams of that. If only she could be a pocket-book dog and not 95 pounds of cuddle-bug.

If you were to meet my girls Mali always takes your eye first and your ear, but Rani will steal your heart soon after with her warm demeanor. She has a way of sliding into your heart with her warm soulful eyes and her soft loving heart. As you pet her she will cuddle up close and genially lean against your leg, if you should abruptly step aside, this girl of mine would actually roll over like a ball to the spot where you were once standing.

Looking at her picture I do not have to tell you how striking she is. Rani is a beauty all her own. At the last dog show she was in a world famous judge took her into the center of the ring and told the crowd, "This is what a female Shiloh Shepherd is supposed to look like." Yes, I nearly fell out of my wheel chair!

Rani is a soft sweet girl and I had high hopes she would be able to be a service dog like Mali, but as a younger girl she seemed to soft, you could read in my blog, A Keen Sense what happened and later A Pleasant Surprise, and find out about her training.
Bingo - Confident, Outgoing, Politician - Visit Nursing Homes, everyone who passes him on the street is drawn to him, wants to pet him.

Candy - Shy, Energetic, Caring - Mother of 10 Pups, at 2 in her first Home. Lived in a Rescue since she was a young pup. She was in a good rescue but lived in a barn. Did great with nurturing a litter of 10 pups.

Yuki: Intelligent, Blond, Manipulative

This girl is more my husband's dog than mine though my name is on her paperwork. She is his heart dog and in my bog you can read about her. I could type a book about this girl, as you can see by the words I have typed to describe her.

She is a very sweet girl, loving, playful, shy/aloof with strangers and with good reason. She came to us as an older kennel puppy who had suffered a trauma. It took over a year to make head way with her, but she is doing much better and now Steve and I have her working towards Search and Rescue, as we believe all dogs need a job.

Yuki does not like to keep her ears erect. I am often asked if she is part hound.(rolls eyes) She can put them up, but often it is one at a time, first one and then the other. I have pictures of both of them up, even some of her sleeping with both ears erect. Yuki is 115 pounds of Shiloh, with good bone and pigment. She would be show quality if she would keep her ears UP!

She is the clown of our pack, always making everyone but the other dogs laugh. If something has been chewed in the house, it was or is Yuki. When my husband is on the floor cuddling with the girls Yuki never knows what to do with her feet so he always gets bopped in the face at least once.

She is Princes of the pillows in the living room and makes sure to take all of them, stretching her huge body out, so the other dogs have to lie on the rug.

This girl is my Husband Heart!
1. Fat- what more can u say? she's overweight! XD

2. Funny- Tokie lives to eat, she snores, when u say "speak" she does 1 warm-up bark, 1 bark that's a little louder, and then the last bark is like a bomb exploded. Tokie can't whine so she whistles instead. if sshe wants attention she'll start what we call "bwoofing" where she doesn't really bark, but she tries to.

3. Determined- this dog will do WHATEVER it takes to make u happy. if she's not capable of what's infront of her she'll sit at your feet and beg for forgiveness
Ming Ming

Devoted: he is a one person dog(me) but he loves everyone

Silly: he is a very funny dog when he gets started

Cutest guy I know.


Very Silly. He loves to play

Lovable_ loves everyone

Protective- nothing will get us when he is there, he will get you with his licking abilities


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